1) What is so amazing about your snow?
Ans: Our snow is created by snow machines originate from Europe. Together with more than 13 years snow event experience and exquisite snow technology, our snow engineers can control and operate a real snow event in as high as 45°C temperature environment!
2) Do you add any special chemicals and additives to the snow in order to increase the melting point temperature?
Ans: We DO NOT add any chemicals nor additive to our snow. Our snow machine is 100% Eco friendly. We apply only tap water during the snow making progress, therefore the residual water is completely reusable. 
3) Do I have to dress warmer to the event?
Ans: Of course.. NOT! As our snow can be sustained under high temperature, there is no need to decease the room temperature. In fact, you can wear only T-shirts during summer time to enjoy our snow event! 
4) Do I have to bring my own ski or snowboarding gear to the event?
Ans: We provide light gear rental at the venue to save you from all the hassle to carry all the gear around. 
5) Where can I buy my tickets?
Ans: Our tickets are sold through different ticketing agencies either online or ticket offices. You can also purchase at the door. 
6) Who is suitable for the event? Is it kid friendly?
Ans: A.S.I.A. is suitable for people at all ages. According to our past experience, it's most popular among kids. And we have provided all safety measures to ensure children can enjoy without having their parents worrying. Snow Garden in particular is an amazing place for kids to enjoy and play with snow. 
7) I do not know or have no experience how to ski or snowboarding, can I still enjoy the event?
Ans: In A.S.I.A., there is no requirement on skills. If you had no experience in skiing or snowboarding, this might just be the perfect event for you to have a taste of what it feels like for the first time. Also, there are wide range of games, happenings, food and other activities that you could enjoy in our event. 
8) Has this snow event be held in Asia or any other places before?
Ans: The snow event has been taken place around Europe for over a decade. Until recently the snow event has landed Middle East and has received tremendous popularity. We are the FIRST to bring this amazing event to Asia. 
9) Whom should be count as children ticket?
Ans: For those age under 12 or below 120cm tall would be considered as children.  
10) Where is the next destination A.S.I.A. will be held? 
Ans: Please stay tune with our website or our subscribe our FaceBook page. We would be coming to your city soon!